Keeping it Simple – Saving that Deposit

A Plan to Save means the goal of your own home is on its way. My favourite First Home Owner has this savings plan on the fridge so she is reminded daily of her Big Dream.

It’s so easy to be tempted away, even a bit of retail therapy can dent the resolve!  Here are three great ways to get going:

  • Spending habits – ditch the waste! Less takeaways …..
  • Income – break it down into portions.
    • a) Essentials 50% – (rent, bills)
    • b) Discretionary 30% -(got to keep living – food etc)
    • c) Savings 20%. Tip: Deposit this first and try not to touch
  • Try a 90 day challenge – NO impulse buying. Exercise that self control button and you will be amazed how many non-essentials you resist.

Now we are thinking – do I really need to buy my lunch Every Day? Good luck!